Sound Mental Health Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of volunteer community members who oversee the operation of the organization and assure its financial stability.  Individual Board members bring a variety of expertise and all demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the lives of those served by Sound Mental Health and the community in general.  Board members work closely with senior management to plan and direct the growth of the organization and respond to the changing needs of our clients.


Board officers

Gloria Bernard, President
Stan Moffett, Vice President
George Stewart, Treasurer
Rhea Lutton, Secretary


Members at Large

Marsha Blasingame
Tricia Boerger
Deborah Brockway
Diane Cimino-Kelly
Juan Cotto
Paula Janson
Anne Redman
Shirley Wilson
Nate Bartholome, Staff Representative; (non-voting)
David R. Stone, Ph.D., CEO; (non-voting)


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