Stress Checklist

Stress is a natural part of life, however it can affect your health, peace of mind & relationships.  Here is a checklist of some negative reactions:


  • Do minor problems upset you excessively?
  • Are you unable to stop worrying?
  • Do you have chronic pain//headaches?
  • Are you constantly tired?
  • Do you experience flashes of anger over a minor problem?
  • Have you noticed changes in sleeping/eating?

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, please consider the following suggestions:


  • Be realistic.  Learn to say 'No'!
  • Shed the "superman/woman" image.
  • Visualize how to manage stress successfully.
  • Take one thing at a time.  Prioritize.
  • Find a hobby that will give you a break.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle.  Eat well, rest, exercies; limit caffeine & alcohol.
  • Share your feelings.  Don't try to cope alone.
  • Give in occasionally.  Be flexible.
  • Go easy with criticism - especially of yourself.


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