Staff Superstar: Cara Gresham


I was an intern with SMH during my graduate program and after graduating and working elsewhere for a couple years, I chose to come back to SMH because of the people and the services SMH provides. I am the Program Coordinator of Adult mental health and substance use services with AS East. I have grown as a clinician and as a person. I have had the oppurtunity to step into the role of management.

I am happy to work with a great team of people. I earned my Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington. I also had my CDP. I am passionate about my work and the career I chose. I enjoy baking which my team can attest to.

Sound Mental Health is important because: It chooses to continue to serve individuals who are often living on fixed incomes, are homeless and have a multitude of mental health, substance use and medical health challenges.

Sound Mental Health is a good investment because: It serves those who need it the most even when they aren’t able to acknowledge or accept support.

My favorite part of working at Sound Mental Health is: The people, the team I get to to work with is amazing.